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01. Aug 09

The LEGO Testament

If choosing between Sunday School and LEGO blocks was difficult for you as a child, The Brick Testament may just be the Web site for you.

30. Jul 09

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Make Your Own Coat, or Just Buy One

I found this site with good tips for making your own coat.

29. Jul 09

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Adventure Island WiiWare released

PAL regions can now download the new Adventure Island game on Wii.

28. Jul 09

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CNN Exclusive: Obama on Foreign Policy

Sen. Barack Obama discussed his vision for the world in a wide-ranging foreign policy discussion with CNN's Fareed Zakaria.

27. Jul 09

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Flexible Displays Get Touch Friendly

Last year, the Flexible Display Center showed off the first prototypes of displays so thin and light they can be rolled up and stuffed into%...

26. Jul 09

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ANNA: Microsoft's Ace In The Hole

What is ANNA? Its Microsofts ace in the hole, their secret weapon that makes the Xbox 360 graphically look better today than Playstation 3.%...

24. Jul 09

CompUSA's Going-Out-Of Business Discount List

Here's the CompUSA internal discount list for their ultimate liquidation sale. The discounts are mainly 10% and 20%, with some 5% and 30% in...

23. Jul 09

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10 Cancelled Games We Wish Were Released

Sometimes budgets get slashed, timelines shift, milestones slip, the publisher just doesn't see it as a fit in the market at the time. W...

22. Jul 09

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Real 19th Century Vampire Killing Kit Is a Must Ha...

Sold at an auction for $14,850, this 100% authentic vampire kit from the 19th century is an absolute steal. I mean, can you really p...


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